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On Feeling Small

:::  TWIST OF HEMP ~  Week 29  :::

In this brave new world of zooming here and there and everywhere, we are confronted with the giants among us, musically and culturally speaking.  We have opportunities to hear from them about their musical journeys and to learn from them in classes in the online sphere.

These opportunities can have a badger feeling rather small sometimes, but take heart John Joe!  We must all start somewhere, yes?


The Woodshed

::: TWIST OF HEMP 22 :::

There are waves upon waves of anxiety and uncertainty at this time.  So John  Joe Badger heads to the woodshed and plays his trusty tune, slowly and awkwardly, as that is what beginners do.

We are all beginners just now.  Learning a new way of doing things.  It isn’t pretty.  We don’t know what we are doing.  But we forge our path ahead as best we can.

Here is this week’s Twist of Hemp offering.  May we all learn along together.