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Paint…. how do I love thee?

…. Let me count the ways.

I love watercolor.  It’t the medium with which I am the most comfortable, though as I am completely self taught in the painting-art realm, I wouldn’t go so far as to call me a watercolorist.

I also love (with my smallest toe, barely dipped into the luscious pool of oily goodness that it is) oil paint.  I am, again, only just learning about it and I marvel at those who paint with it successfully.  Here are a few of those that I have recently discovered.

Janice Tanton

Robyn Church Hatton

James Naughton (especially in love with his work as he’s been painting The Fells, the area Beatrix Potter so dearly loved and worked so hard to conserve in The National Trust)  Mr. Naughton’s ability to sculpt light and air into physicality are nothing short of enchanting….

And, thanks to a twitter link from Robyn, above, there are these YouTube videos by painter Duane Keiser which are painting process and delightful animations rolled into one.

Although I try not to spend too much time trolling around on the computer, I do love when this virtual art-space provides me with amazing artists to inspire me and light my way as I continue to push my own artistic boundaries.