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Inch by inch

I’ve been feeling a little guilty lately about the fact that I have not been making a whole lot of art, let alone blogging.  But that doesn’t mean that I have had a distinct period of inactivity either.  As wrote in my last post, things have just been at a standstill in the studio and my energies have been primarily on the homefront.  This continues to be the case as we navigate the final touches on the renovation of the major spaces of our house.  This process has been fraught with little victories and annoyances along the way but basically things are coming together.

I miss my studio work however and so have been slowly reclaiming my work space as my own as we get things put back where they belong.  Like many homes, ours works like a puzzle whose pieces fit together in a specific way.  When one piece, or in our case many pieces, are out of place, the whole puzzle is a jumble and all the pieces don’t sit right.  For months my studio held four rooms of furniture in it as we worked on the rest of the house.  Finally the piano, couches, appliances et al are back in the other room.  I have cleared out the spiders and their recent developments and there is breathing room in here again.  Maybe some decent work is around the corner…

Meanwhile, Mother Nature showed a bit of her nasty side last week when a freak wind storm hit our area and took down trees and power lines.  We didn’t have much damage, thankfully, just a few days without power and some spoiled food.  We were lucky.  Our neighborhood has tons of old trees so there was much to see when the wind finally died down.

The kids were off of school for 3 whole days due to power outages and so were forced to find alternative things to do with their time.  We all used the daylight as much as we could for yard clean up and chores.  At night we lit candles and donned headlamps and spent our evenings playing music and reading.  A few nights we just went to bed early.  I secretly enjoy a good power outage.  It would get to be a pain over time, surely, but there is something about the quiet that happens and how creative people tend to get when television is not an option….piano-in-the-dark