Recent Efforts

In spite of all of the dog walks, running around to music lessons and summer day camps, I am getting some work done in the studio on the little squares project. Here are the results…

In June there was a conference in Massachusetts all about making art with encaustic. I discovered it too late to go this year, but I already plan to go next year. In the meantime, I ordered the new book by Linda Womack called Embracing Encaustic which was released at the conference. It is beautiful and informative and I am thrilled to dig in and try all of the techniques described in this new book.

One thought on “Recent Efforts”

  1. Hi Amy,

    i just wanted to thank you for your kind words about my book and for linking to my web site. I’m so glad you like Embracing Encaustic and I hope you have fun tryigg out the new techniques!

    I poked around on your blog a bit and I have to tell you ,as both a fellow artist and a dog lover, your dog sketches are absolutely magical! Thanks for sharing them even when you were unsure about it. I find that tough too, but it seems like it’s always the right choice.

    Take care,
    Linda Womack

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