a dog in the hand


Today saw us getting back into a normal routine: kids back to school and me trying to get a little work done in between the rest of life. The puppies are growing like weeds. Suddenly, much like my teenage son, the pups have these unbelievably large feet – bigger even than Caskie’s more petite, though full grown, feet. It seems these dogs are going to be HUGE!

Nowadays I spend a lot of time just watching and drawing these amazing animals with whom I am fortunate to share my home. It’s much like being a new mom all over again where my days (and nights) are ruled by the feeding, pooping and sleeping schedules of these new beings. Iris has a new kennel all her own to be in when it is night time or when we leave the house. She has cried and cried in recent nights, most likely missing the company of her brother (in the kennel right next to hers) but frankly, there didn’t seem to be enough room for the both of them in there any more! And so we continue this pattern of minor adjustments on a daily basis.

In the art realm I am feeling sluggish and lacking the protective boundaries I had around my work before the holidays. That said, I have made some more instrument drawings which may or may not be used in the new Riley School of Irish Music website, and that has been a good exercise. Also good is my new sketchbook which, with every drawing, becomes more alive with activity.

In the coming weeks my goal is to get back to pre-puppy working hours and return to work on projects that have been simmering on the back-burner for perhaps a bit too long. There is nothing like ringing in a New Year to spur a gal on to getting her act together!!

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